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Version: 0.8.0

Build Local

Building with local dependencies

The YuniKorn project has four repositories three of those repositories have a dependency at the go level. These dependencies are part of the go modules and point to the github repositories. During development it can be required to break the dependency on the committed version from github. This requires making changes in the module file to allow loading a local copy or a forked copy from a different repository.

Affected repositories

The following dependencies exist between the repositories:

repositorydepends on
yunikorn-k8shimyunikorn-scheduler-interface, yunikorn-core

The yunikorn-web repository has no direct go dependency on the other repositories. However any change to the yunikorn-core webservices can affect the web interface.

Making local changes

To make sure that the local changes will not break other parts of the build you should run:

  • A full build make (build target depends on the repository)
  • A full unit test run make test

Any test failures should be fixed before proceeding.

Updating dependencies

The simplest way is to use the replace directive in the module file. The replace directive allows you to override the import path with a new (local) path. There is no need to change any of the imports in the source code. The change must be made in the go.mod file of the repository that has the dependency.

Using replace to use of a forked dependency, such as:

replace =>

There is no requirement to fork and create a new repository. If you do not have a repository you can use a local checked out copy too. Using replace to use of a local directory as a dependency:

replace => /User/example/local/checked-out-yunikorn

and for the same dependency using a relative path:

replace => ../checked-out-yunikorn

Note: if the replace directive is using a local filesystem path, then the target must have the go.mod file at that location.

Further details on the modules wiki: When should I use the 'replace' directive?.